About SFAA

The Swiss Financial Analysts Association SFAA was founded in 1962 and is committed to the quality of the financial industry and the ethical conduct of its members. It offers access to a broad network of more than 2,900 proven experts and is committed to the continuing education of financial professionals. The SFAA is recognized by the Swiss Government as the awarding body for the following Federal Diplomas:

Federal Diploma

Advanced Federal Diploma for financial analyst and portfolio manager
Federal Diploma in wealth management
Advanced Federal Diploma for expert in wealth management
Federal Diploma of technician in financial market operations
Advanced Federal Diploma for financial market operator FMO

International Diploma

Associate Wealth Manager AWM®
Certified International Wealth Manager CIWM®
Certified International Investment Analyst CIIA®

Mission Statement

  • We actively support the qualification of financial professionals with programs and opportunities for continuing professional development
  • We are committed to provide internationally recognised certifications
  • We promote ethical standards governing the work and activities of members(Handbook of Best Practice),
  • We foster the exchange of information and experience between members and partners
  • We represent our members’ interests vis-à-vis governmental and regulatory authorities as well as the public