Membership benefits

Members’ interests

  • Representation of members’ interests towards politics and economy
  • Competent contact for concerns and questions from financial experts


  • More than 2‘900 members from all areas of the financial industry
  • Exchange of professional experience, individually or within the framework of network events

Professional ethics

  • The SFAA ensures that ethical principles govern the profession and has developed ethical standards specifically for this purpose. Its members undertake to comply with the standards.

International Diplomas

  • Recognition of the CIIA, AWM and CIWM Diplomas in Europe, Asia, America und Africa

Professional development

  • Seminars on current financial topics and new scientific insights, updates on tax and regulation etc., recognized for SAQ re-certification
  • Offerings of the Association for International Wealth Management AIWM


  • Free attendance at financial conferences and fairs

Voting right

  • Exercise of voting rights and participation at the Annual General Meeting with gala dinner