Professional Development

About AZEK

The SFAA is committed to providing its members with opportunities for continuing professional development. For this reason, the association established AZEK – The Swiss Training Centre for Investment Professionals. The SFAA and its sister associations also play a leading role in promoting training and continuous professional development on an international level.

Since the AZEK Training Centre was founded in 1990, SFAA has awarded more than 6’200 diplomas to AZEK course graduates. AZEK is a full subsidiary of SFAA.


Diplomas and designations

The SFAA has been recognised as the examining and awarding body in relation to the Federal Diplomas.

At international level, the diplomas for the AWM® and CIWM® are awarded by the Association of International Wealth Management AIWM and the diploma for the CIIA® by the Association of Certified Investment Analysts ACIIA. SFAA has established the right to use the international designations as follows: the preparatory course for the examination was completed at AZEK and the graduate is a member of SFAA.

Wealth Management

Associate Wealth Manager with Federal Diploma of Higher Education
Associate Wealth Manager, diploma supplement
Associate Wealth Manager AWM®
Expert in wealth management with Advanced Federal Diploma
Certified International Wealth Manager CIWM®

Financial analysis and portfolio management

Financial Analyst and portfolio manager with Advanced Federal Diploma
Certified International Investment Analyst CIIA®

Financial Market Operations

Technician in financial market operations with Federal Diploma of Higher Education
Technician in financial market operations, diploma supplement
Expert in financial market operations FMO® with Advanced Federal Diploma

Other designations

These are just the designations awarded by SFAA. You may naturally use other letters and designations as well. This also includes the CEFA (Certified European Financial Analyst) formerly awarded by SFAA. This has been replaced by the CIIA and is no longer awarded by SFAA. The CEFA designation can naturally continue to be used.

Note: the holder of a CEFA may not exchange it for another designation (e.g. CIIA) without authorisation. Candidates who wish to gain the CIIA must sit part of the final examination (Final l and Final ll).